A Total Home Assembly Service Offered By Natlassm

28/07/2013 18:26

National Assembly Services, commonly known as NAS, is the best when it comes to your different home assembly needs. This is a no brainer. Their technicians are fully insured by the agency, so you do not need to worry about paying for any injury caused on to them. However, you still need to make sure that their working conditions are still conducive for their assembly services. In addition, they have been in the service of the public for over 25 years. That is a very long time considering how many agencies are out there providing the same services. It is truly their testament of hard work and dedication.

The years that they have put into the industry is starting to pay off. They have been able to work with other top furniture manufacturing companies. Using this kind of experience, National Assembly Services has learned that first impression is very critical. This determines whether or not a customer will enter through the door and ask for your services. This is why the ones displayed outside the shop are those which feature the latest and best models to date. In addition, on site assembly will only take a few days to accomplish. Once it reaches the buyer, it is assured that it will be over within two days from the start of the provision.

There is also a 30 day time frame in which the client is able to avail. This is automatic. It starts once the technician finishes the assembly services which were provided. This ensures the overall satisfaction of their clients. In addition, their office is just a call away and they will surely be there to the rescue. Just indicate what your complaint is with regards to the furniture which was assembled. Any kind renovations or repairs, they are on it.

Their technicians are fully insured by National Assembly Services. This will make the client breath out of relief. It frees the customer from any kind of responsibility if the client is injured. It is a good thing that National Assembly Services was able to acknowledge its natural occurrence during the provision of on site assembly. It starts working once they pick the cargo to be loaded on to the truck. But, you still need to maintain a good working condition. One that is conducive for performing the assembly services that needs to be done. This requires a lot of space.

However, the services that they render are not the only aspect which makes them the best. It is also in the way they schedule home assembly services as well. It is always based on the convenience of the customer. With the help of modern technology, you will be looking at the most efficient scheduling services known. The provision will always be according to the directive of the client.

Not only is National Assembly Service efficient, they are flexible as well. They are able to assemble different furniture for the different rooms available inside the house. Not only that, they are also able to set up any kind of equipment for gyms and fitness centers. They are an all around team concerned only for their client’s overall satisfaction.

Natlass Furniture Assembly Unequaled

20/06/2013 15:48

Opening up a business or transferring to a new house gives you little to no room to fix and to do any furniture assembly. Your main focus as of that moment is to get things going. You may not even have time to make sure that everything has been set-up perfectly, especially the furniture, which are also essentials. No need to worry though because National Assembly Services are on top of it.

The bulk of the workload is not a problem for the technicians of National Assembly Services. It does not matter if the on-site assembly only requires them to do one object, an entire office, or multitudes of office spaces. Rest assured that their employees can get the job done. Safety is not an issue because their employees are professionals and are fully insured. They also underwent a full background check before being hired. NAS also guarantees you 30 days of follow-up services through different means of communication and varied services to ensure overall satisfaction of all their customers.

Setting up appointments is never a hassle when you choose National Assembly Services. It is because they are the best in that aspect. A two day on-site assembly service is what they guarantee, and all means necessary are being done while making sure that the quality is not compromised. They do not want to hassle their clients; thus, they only do furniture assembly at your most convenient time. They are not only about offices. They are flexible enough to cater to any kind of assembly service that their client requires of them.

19 years in the service of the people has allowed them to determine what makes sales and that first impression is the key to maximizing it. It is the core which determines the brand and the model that the customer might choose. No matter which it is, rest assured that your furniture is safe in the capable hands of National Assembly Services’ technicians for they have worked with the best in the manufacturing industry. If you need repairs, they are on to it; maintenance is a no brainer; and assembling is like the air they breathe.

SPAR Group Inc. has been in the in-store merchandising service for over 40 years. They are the most trusted when it comes to supplying different furniture for different companies or individuals in a global scale and working in different parts of the world has its advantages. This puts National Assembly Services a notch higher than its competition seeing that SPAR Group Inc. is its parent company.

They have been the best in in-store merchandising services for over 40 years now and it has been to NAS’ benefit. They are able to update their services in a global aspect and they do not look to stop - a 98% completion rating has proven that.a

Natlassm - The Perfect Assembly Services At The Best Rates

31/05/2013 14:10

Most people think that hiring a professional to install things like furniture and in store displays is a waste of money but they couldn’t be more wrong! Hiring a qualified on site assembly technician could mean the difference between good quality installations and a situation where you have to keep going back to correct past mistakes. National Assembly Services prides itself in providing fully insured, highly experienced professional services for your home and business. In fact, we’re so confident of the quality of our services that we offer a 30 day guarantee.

Secondly, although the home is particularly vulnerable to the misguided DIY craze, your home is probably your most valuable possession which means you should do everything you can to protect it. Calling a home assembly professional means you get the best quality installation for everything from furniture, exercise equipment, outdoor furniture, home entertainment centers to bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchen furniture - the sky’s the limit! The best part is that National Assembly Services offers all these (and many more) services at very affordable prices!

But our services don’t end there! We also offer in store assembly for all your business installation needs. Need to install new office furniture? We promise to deliver with two days. Need to create a new display? Call one of our expert technicians and do it right the first time! National Assembly Services knows how important your business is to you and how important it is to make a good impression and that’s why we are committed to offering the best services in the quickest time frames. We offer all this for surprisingly low prices because we are committed to your success.

When you contact one of our friendly specialists you’ll get a full list of all our services as well as a comprehensive quote. To acquire a FREE Price Quote or to schedule a consultation, click here or contact us toll-free at (877) NAS-2862.